What is podo-pediatrics?

Podopediatrics is a discipline designating podiatric care for children and adolescents.

Indeed, we often tend to mistakenly think that children's feet are like those of adults but smaller.

However, the feet of toddlers and adolescents know their own pathologies and therefore require treatment accordingly.

It is important to note that different factors have to be taken into account and prioritize the child's growth. Little by little, the child's foot is formed so as to acquire walking.

Putting on shoes is all the more important to avoid the risk of deformation inherent in wearing unsuitable shoes.

This is why it is advisable to consult a podiatrist for children who will be able to prescribe a suitable treatment.

What are the signs that could lead you to consult a podiatrist?

Before 4 years

A visit to the podiatrist is to be considered when your child has had podal pathologies at birth.

- if you have any concerns about how your child is moving and walking (frequent falls, foot positioning problems, etc.).

- shoe wear asymmetry.

- the knees which relieve you from the axes.

- even for advice on the care of children's feet in general.

From 4 years old

A first consultation with the podiatrist is important.

A complete podiatric examination can diagnose static disorders and imbalances.

Orthopedic insoles may then be necessary to act on balance and posture.

In this case, a follow-up every 6 months is essential to control the evolution. It goes hand in hand with the child's growth.

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